And we have a winner…

… or two.

Peter Muller and Omar Shea were heads up with similar chipstacks and decided to make a deal.  They will share naming rights to the Center for Palliative Medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, hyphenated style. Hellmuth then decided that one more hand would be played to see who would get their name on the building first. Omar Shea won that hand and the party is over.

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Big numbers

The fine folks at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have let us know that they raised $825,000 and there are still some numbers to come from the silent auction.

They asked me to thank everyone online who donated and the players who were generous.

You can still donate here.

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Final Table

The schedule called for the final table to be formed at midnight and the structure was dead on.  We are now sitting with the final 6 and I’m working to gather their identities as the final table is 5 deep standing room only

Hellmuth announcing

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Phil Hellmuth interview

On Monday, Denmark’s Peter Eastgate took home over $9,000,000 for winning the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event and at 22 years old broke Phil Hellmuth’s record as the youngest even Main Event winner.  We caught up with him during a break in the action and got the first interview with his reaction to his record being broken.

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Last pro standing

Phil Hellmuth has dropped out, leaving with a fake blowup at his opponent in jest, and Annie Duke busted shortly after leaving host Dan Shak as the sole pro player left in the event.  We’re only in the 8th level and we’ve gone from 110 players down to just 3 tables and 30 players.

Beth Shak announced that they’ve raised $820,000 so far before they finish the silent auctions.

Click below for an interview Phil Ivey

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Video interviews

Dr. Tammy Kang

Beth Shak

Annie Duke

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Phil Ivey – busted

An amatuer took out Phil Ivey, one of the best pros in the room,  with 9-high versus 7-high.  All the money went in on the turn with Ivey holding a straight draw and his opponent with a flush draw.  Action was stopped while Hellmuth joined the action and play it out for the room.  Beth Shak worked out a deal between to the players to get more money for the charity and the river was eventually dealt.

A meaningless deuce and Ivey hit the rail but his opponent made a sizable donation.

Coming up shortly I will posted video interviews with Dr. Tammy Kang, Tournament host Beth Shak, and Annie Duke.

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